1. Enfleshed [the Word is alive]
  2. Mytho-X
  3. If Ever Maria
  4. Fisherman
  5. Painkiller
  6. Tuesday Assassin
  7. Rescinding
  8. Cryptic
  9. Miracle Man
  10. Santa Cruz
  11. S.F.N.
  12. Sinister
  13. Enfleshed [alive is the Word remix]
All songs written by Gyro.

Enfleshed [The Word is Alive]

John 1:1,14 / James 1:21-27
1 John 1:1-4 / Rev. 19:11-16

so we're living
living in a world of apathy
a pathetic disease of society
symptomatic enmity

so we're sleeping
with a false sense of security
sleeping in the cage of luxury
violent serenity

here we're laughing
spitting at the face of anarchy
while victimized by hierarchy
capitalistic leprosy

now we're sipping
from the cup of irony
raise a toast
to hypocrasy, honesty, fallacy

but the Word is alive
and alive is the Word
existing, existing
existing inside the mind
but the heart sets the pace
puts the change into motion
that's why the Word is alive is the Word

so we're walking
between the walls of sanity
encircling mendacity
come to efface the effigy

and we're listening
without a sense a urgency
relying on the weight of policy
to fill the scars of humanity

crack the core of reality
glimpses of eternity
monumental idealism

but we're learning
to turn the pages of history
to realize the mystery
behind the man and his mortality

...the Word is alive...

Note from inside cover of 'Godspeed':
"The first track on Lusis is simply a song that embraces a robust affirmation of life. Of being born breathing past and future; hope and dispair. And the inevitable acknowledgement of the power of the Living God! "The Word is Alive and Alive is The Word"!"


1 Timothy 1:3-5
What you believe defines your reality. When reality consists of ideas forged into action;
what you believe becomes excruciatingly important. Try God!

rebel, pariah
balanced on the tightrope of fear

hero, warrior
relics of a golden age

when i see the dying children
fighting desperately to breathe
then words cut to the heart
asking "What do you believe"?

what is real?
god, man, mytho-x
is He real?
is He real to you?

legend, demigod
mortal life is never enough
savior, messiah
ripped the revolution with love

all the empty people
walking the dead-end street
love by example
is to walk with Jesus' feet

it's time to make up your mind
cutting loose these invisible strings
stripped from worldly tethers
it all comes down to just one thing

What is real?

Note from inside cover of 'Godspeed':
"Rebel. Pariah. Savior. Messiah. Originally programmed as a strictly 'industrial' track, Mytho-X somehow found its way into L.A. dance charts. It must have been all those Errol Flynn samples!"

If Ever Maria...
...a love song of local, global, and cosmic proportions

mountains of regret crashing into me
towering over me and weighing me down

my body stretched
between the place i accuse
and the fever of the sky and the ground

racing through a landscape of trust
taking more than i must
killing time with the speed

mountains of regret crashing over me
i was missing in her time of need

deep in her heart
deep in her soul
i'm burning
to fall
but for the thrill
of loving her still
i'd forfeit ever loving at all

wilderness in her eyes raging
searching into me with flashes of fire

my arms outstretched
to clutch the branches of pride
yet i long to chase the winds of desire

bitter the rain
washing over the hillside
reminding me of how it once was
long ago

wilderness in her touch enchanting
but the painful part
was loving her so

plunging down the waterfall into the heart
the only love together we found
sweeter than memories
and deeper than wounds
under mountains of regret
crashing down

..a tribute to C.D.C. La Villa. My friend and father - truly a man from the sea!

O my soul
alive, naked, boundless
made finite in me

you waver
like billow and foam
precarious your energy

Beat my heart
your rhythm
so deep and feral
hear my plea

That I
with courage
set fluid

intention and action
like the man in the sea

Follow the jagged shore
Flow with the pitch and roll
Remember the rise and fall
and Believe...

O my soul
alive, naked, boundless
so finite in me

May I
with love
set febrile
compassion and vision
like a man from the sea


2 Corinthians 12: 9,10
Picture a man: hollow, wasted, alone in pain
Picture a room: six walls, cold, 'home'
See: a man fighting to find his knees, prayer was a last resort
Can you see: a God: working despite the frailty and feebleness of
humanity? Praise God!!

all my heroes dead
golden heroes lead
ancient pages
well read
music playing in my head

shattered windows
closed shut
lines cut
earth quaking under my bed
heroes in my mind dead

taking a fall
head in my hands
my back to the wall
thrown to the ground
pulling me down
to nothing at all

Pain..take it away

courting the knife
threatens my life
leaving me cold
strikes me at home
cuts to the bone
sanity sold

sends me reeling
tears at my being
kicking and screaming

comes when i'm kneeling
poised to reveal
our flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing!

Praise God!
He has taken away my pain
Praise God!

Tuesday Assassin


my mind is racing
my body tense
my logic questions
what should make sense

i live for freedom
i die for peace
but in this prison cell
all slogans cease

tuesday's forgotten
tomorrow comes
moments i've chosen
are silent ones

my memories crashing
against the walls
flavored hysteria
i taste them all

Break addiction
Shake it's hold
Break seduction
Let Him take control

a little trial
condemns me here
eyes filled with terror
i'm stalked by fear

chemical battles
leave scars grotesque
my senses rattle
my hands bereft

my veins are pounding
rhythms of life
my nerves resounding
echoes of ice

i look to heaven
a welcome sight
just around the corner
from tuesday night


I know a girl who is dying.
She can almost measure her mortality at an arm's length.
Her doctors say it's cancer; she thinks it's God's little joke.
She's scared.
I want to know what to tell her.

this is my heaven
these are my skies
i'm watching the world spin
dizzy with life

there hangs the dark moon
there falls the sun light
under this heaven
i stop to die

here is my heaven
this is my view
outside the window
beauty remains true

colors are screaming
into my eyes
under this heaven
i start to cry

i surrender
i rescind
take the fetters
keeping me in

this is your heaven
these are your skies
i'm watching the world spin
dizzy with life

there hangs the wild moon
here falls the starlight
under this heaven
you gave me life


'...learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.' -- Isaiah 1:17

I was driving through the inner-city one afternoon and I saw...

people aching desperate streets walking no ghosts here reality
concrete raining merciless bitter

taste feel the chill agony fire no attempt scratch the earth above
the earth life struggle across the tower

outside the structure grotesque no crime no vindication doomed to
fate under thunder skies open you wait for

P e a c e
H o p e
L o v e
J e s u s C h r i s t

chosen futile no response from the masses enigma faceless
thousand destiny twisted speeding the process

P e a c e
H o p e
L o v e
J e s u s C h r i s t

prisoners of a genetic disorder eyes so bright in the shadows
fearing tomorrow when sunlight may kill but they have love

millions of people walk the cracks in the streets where we live
why can't we give something they're dying for?

P e a c e
H o p e
L o v e
J e s u s C h r i s t

I would die for...

P e a c e
H o p e
L o v e
J e s u s C h r i s t

I would live for...

Note from inside cover of 'Godspeed':
"Track 8 from Mortal's full-length debut Lusis always carried a peculiar power. Especially, live; when the audience and the band were united in chanting the words, "Peace, Love, Jesus Christ"!"

Miracle Man

The world should know this by now:
Healing can only come through one miracle man

looking at the world and what do i see?
i see a human race losing to its apathy
from the physical salvation of the world at large
to the spiritual diseases in our own back-yards

annihilation of the wilderness
forced into mass extinction from the life they possess
torn from mother earth and the blanket of life
how can we survive?

when the last solution is the miracle man

i'm treading on this paradise lost
where fuel for life is at that life's cost
where peoeple, like a plague, grow by leaps and bounds
in this oasis which was paradise found

like a deadly coalition of a fascist machine
we'd rather give in to the lust than overthrow the regime
our lust for domination is a world-wide scheme
color peace in green

it's a one in a million miracle

i'm walking through this world-wide pain
looking for shelter from the burning rain
where death like pollution flow through rivers and seas
but i find sanctuary when i'm down on my knees

but the earth keeps spinning in the dying wind
it turns and turns long after all the speeches end
although world-wide consciensness is where to begin
we need one miracle man

Miracle Man

Santa Cruz

it's amazing the kind of impact a single decision makes!

beside the ocean Santa Cruz
i face the pathway i must choose
the city lights they seem so bright
my eyes are dazzled by the night

the crashing surf, the ocean air
the cypress bough, the morning glare
can my heart breathe beneath this load
the fog on San Andreas road

my heart, sympathy
broken life surrender me
open to your will
blue skies paradise
fragile as a great surprise
does your love move within me still

my hopes and dreams
all washed ashore
they never reached the lighthouse door
abandoned ships
with tattered sails, buried treasure,
and golden tales



face to face in the heat
what's the color of
one wicked generation speaks
a declaration

hand to hand, fist to fist
what's the shape of your
guns and black money
sucking life from the streets
it's like possession

Love and Hate is no silent war!
so many people burning down the door
into prejudice

Freedom is calling!
Freedom is falling!

blood and life sacrified
what's the price of revolution
fueling passion with distorted lies
is no solution

let's separate living fact from the fiction
it's like a drug
pleading for addiction

Who holds your Freedom?
Who holds your Liberty?

Created by WARHAWK