1. Mission
  2. Kingflux
  3. Overmind
  4. Anything
  5. Scalawag
  6. Mighty Force
  7. Fray Lagoon
  8. Rail, Road
  9. Run [atmostrange]
  10. Streamrunner
All songs written by Jyro.


it was:
on the darkest year
on the death of kings
when You came to me
in the light of things

when I started to sink
in the depths of my lies
You gave me fire to drink
i was purified

You came on hallowed ground
and on thousand wings
as far as glory I've seen
that was next to nothing
You came with power and might
You came with one request
and when You asked "Who will go"?
i said "Here i am, send me"!

on a mission from God!

you ask me how i trust
you ask me how i see
much rather than the words
"Here i am, send me"

He called me from afar
He called me from within
and still the fateful words ring true
"Here i am, send me"


perfect, still and in constant motion
empty, filled with the hum of an ocean
life, spinning into brilliant darkness
you're slipping off the grip of salvation

..and all kings fall!

falling awake into lucid confusion
one swift escape into slow decay

..and all kings fall!

i'm blown away
i'm swept away
the blood of my God
runs through these veins
and still alive
i've failed to die
a thousand times

perfect, still and in constant motion!

Note from inside cover of 'Godspeed':
"Contradiction - "Perfect. Still. And in constant Motion". Truth- "All kings fall". A whilwind in the shape of a song!"


[announcer's voice]
so there is/just another random killing
near a power center of america/and lest
you think it's just another story we made
up/that's where you're wrong

it seems the audience still believes that
humans are the sole proprietors of evil/
maybe to a certain scale/but there's
a much darker force... overmind

ah yes...another victim goes down
without a fight/you can't serve two masters
at one time/it's good bye to one/and hello
to the other master

overmind/you're dealing me death/
but you can't give me life

i've seen things that you'll never see believe


once the trust
was pure enough to place in someone
now i'm not so sure
even so, now i know

i can tell you anything
even when i'm screaming
you're listening
and i'm overcome

once the price
was steep for betraying someone
more than twice i fell so deep
even so, now i know

i can tell you everything...

i prayed for the sun
look how it shines
giving me new life
i prayed for the peace
that passes understanding
..i'm standing


there's nothing here
i've been tricked again
there's so much promise
in such a little sin

it's underhand
i understand
but i'm tired
of the over and over
i want to start
with a good thing

cover me!
hear my plea!
i want to be wholly

i know the need
the lazy speed
i know it's pulling my soul
inside a deepening hole
but you know
i'm screaming out
for the real thing!

cover me!
hear my plea!
i long to be holy!

Mighty Force

there is a level
there is a higher level

there is a kingdom
there is a kingdom at hand

we are the vessels
we are the earthen vessels

You are Messiah
You are Messiah the Prince
You are Messiah
and You will reign forever!

not by might
not by force
by the spirit

You are the One eternal
You are the Messiah and You are king!

Fray Lagoon

jumped straight into the fray
mind, pulse racing away
if only blood meant anything

cold start fighting the fist
kinship's come down to this
if only trust meant anything

one thing i know
we should stop hurting each other
come, let us reason together!

hate runs as narrows divide
deep as the ocean is wide
and only love means anything!

Note from inside cover of 'Godspeed':
"This track appeared on Mortal's 5th and last full-length release; the self-titled Mortal. The song's strange title came from a character in one of Jyro's sci-fi daydreams; An assassin of well-renown, Fray Lagoon, finds no peace in his 'reputation'! Realizing he'd built the prision that now surrounds him, he faces an uncertain future... don't we all?"

Rail, Road

this soul of mine
is looking forward to the time
when i can watch the turn of years
resemble something bright and clear

i'll take the bus
i'll pay the fare
i'll ride the wheels that take me there
until your arms are holding me
i know i have to wait to be
with you again

it seems so far...
the world's so wide

i'll ride the rail
i'll race the air
i'll travel any road that gets me there
since you love has lifted me
you know i cannot wait to be
with you again

Run [atmostrange]

if there's a word with any hint of truth
i'd be the first one to say it and run!

if there is time to fashion something new
i'd be the first one to make it and run!

if there's a way leading straight to you
i'd be the first man to take it and run!

your soul
is in my blood
that's how deep
we run


i feel the world rushing by
i feel the coldness pierce the night
i have to keep movin' to stay alive

i've touched the wings of empty bliss
i've tasted poison in her kiss
i have to keep movin' to stay alive

don't give me strength until i'm weak
don't let me wake until i dream
but let me thirst until i drink from the river
not from the stream

i see the folly of the man
who thinks his fate's in his own hands
he's got to keep searchin' to understan

i've seen the ways
i've seen the signs
i feel the cosmic turn of time
i've got to keep trusting you
to be my eyes!

Created by WARHAWK