1. Tenn0
  2. Mr Ar0chet
  3. Dymenshan (Kr-Krik-Pop!)
  4. Muj0 (UnCertainty mx)
  5. Vilan C0rp (Spy mx)
  6. FMZ4
  7. Fl0ranclaude
  8. Teraferma
  9. Cl0udburst
  10. Myth0 Ex (Green Edit)
  11. The W0rd Is Alive (Jer0mix)


gathered in, clenched, I'm a handful of dust bourne of now, silence, changing the sound of futures, im stepping out into fearless traverse, not without menace, across a furious planet, deftly maneuvering the steep climbs of reason, armed only by fate like phantom skin braving wars without and within, sun shocked, awkward and thirsty, and no oasis in Eternity Sands, courage is destination and and nightfall, is lunar avarice, now drenched in rain and dread, and encircled by shadow warriors, venomous, storm-size and mercenary, then at the threshold, cool distance, You stood illuminated by terrifying bursts!

You ride the brilliance, You are light, You are the construct
You defy demension, tenn0!!, You are One, You are eteternal, absolute, You are imperial, sovereign, yeah, tenn0 tenn0!

flash of white, You ripped the fabric of the real, shrieks of anguish the sting of ozone, before the atom crush, my sign distorted, my view Copernican, but what I witnessed that night spared my life, and has haunted me since, yes, we are, handfuls of dust, yet, made of stars, you have fastened, across the walls, of this room without ceiling, but our aimless exsistance is given meaning, when at the threshold, without distance, you stand in Your meridian!
You breathe redemption, motive, power, You're elemental, super-collider yeah tenn0!, you are air and earth, fire and ocean, You are Word, you are tenn0 tenn0!


Mr Ar0chet

from climate control, and L.E.O. communication relays to mass transit, success relies on implementation, therefore advances in tech revolve around the rocket, but tonight I'm looking farther into, breaking orbit, exploring frontiers anew, why face depletion of resource, and extinction of the human race, when we could harvest the riches of space? We could harness the power of stars for the survival of man, will you join me in building a brighter future?

a rocket a rocket - I want to build a rocket, i'm just the man to build it, I want to build a rocket, to ride into the sunset

conquest is a dangerous word, but it's a place to begin a race I plan to win, if you let the goal transform your soul, then you'll understand what drive ambition in man, you say at any expense - 'avoid malevolence', I say the higher the stakes the more I'll do what it takes, I'm building rockets (not lies, sublime), the first of giant steps toward the rise of empire

a rocket a rocket - a hyper-ion rocket, just give me time to build it, into the blue skyrocket, and I would kill to launch it
a rocket a rocket - just give me space to build, 'cause I've got time to kill, by sheer force of will, I will not rest until
a rocket a rocket - I've got to build a rocket, into the blue sky rocket, to fly me through the sunset, what I would kill to launch it


Dymenshan (Kr-Krik-Pop!)

Sometimes my mind is a whirlwind, spiraling, pushing out, like veins running under my skin, and other times I'm almost transparent, the real world rushing through me, sometimes I feel like I'm a phantom

I've seen the end of the world, and it's coming this way, i.s.t.e.o.t.w. and there's no mistake, i.s.t.e.o.t.w. it's futile running away, here comes the end of the world, and there's no escape

And sometimes between explosions of pain, I ache to dream I'm suspended upon, the crystalline song of angels, then sometimes the dreams are recurring and sinister, receiving clear signal, dark visions screaming from a black star

i.s.t.e.o.t.w. and it's coming this way, here comes the end of the world and there's no escape

I have a name - Rune Dymenshan, I turn to face the midnight sun, forsaken all but emotion, I'm near the end, you've just begun, be wary of forward vision, I have a name - Rune Dymenshan, I'm at the end, you've just begun

i.s.t.e.o.t.w. I've seen it snuff the light, and at the end of the world, it's neither day or night, i.s.t.e.o.t.w. and I have read the signs, here comes the end of the world, it's just a mater of time

some say the end of the world is still a world away, I believe that the end of the world came yesterday

Muj0 (UnCertainty mx)

somewhen AD

hello, is this the end of us, my autumn friend?, was it meaningless? Was it happiness>, before the sunlight bends, when worlds have all been penned, will your memory remember me?, will starlight fall again?, over bittersweet impermanence, hello, is this the end, the world will meet somewhen?, when the fever drops and revolving stops, I'm born again in a future someday, with you my friend in the dream of one day, when the bittersweet impermanence, will fade away…

Vilan C0rp (Spy mx)

AD2001.Tru-parallel.Nu dallas.Apex Hotel.Cepter Vilan.CEO.Ciana Crae.rogue journalist,mother of two

you've got a break-neck schedule thank you for your time, a quick, candid interview if you would be so kind, answering to burning questions the public wants to know, what makes a man so infamous?, what fuels Vilan Corp?

do you deny you have masterminded and funded wars, with astronomical sums? Those were your bombs!, and can you deny you've somehow, rationalized profit, at the cost of life?

Your wave is tidal, your intellect - gargantuan, your menace - vital, your logic - labyrinthian

What's in store for Vilan Corp?, will your empire fall? Will your empire soar?, your genius - maniacal, it's no mystery, how you have feigned the 'savior', when you're the enemy

You're method - brutal, your crimes, unspeakable, your power curves exponential, but your height is reachable
"if you can do what you want, would you do what you want?, tell the truth, your secret's safe with me, they say it sets you free"!

Your wave is tidal, your intellect - gargantuan, your power's vital, yet there's something, you don't seem to understand
Your wave is tidal but ocean will overcome, and your intellect will fade like the setting sun, maybe your power will hold, but how long can you stand?, stripped of empire, beneath your just a frightened man

Vilan Corp, Super Vilan Corp!


AD2021.parallel.PLN6-Western Territory.Fre Merzasphor.elite armed forces.San Rho Teran.soldier,avenger,bereft.

Come closer and let me see your eyes, pure evil (lidless and modified) so tell me, do you remember the night, when we last met under sodium light?, the love the center of my happiness, she had wandered into this neck of the wilderness, and by the time I raced to the night patrol, you had quenched your thirst and ravaged her soul, now I've returned here to settle the score, my name is San of the Fre Merzasphor

We wrestle free from the black embrace of hopelessness, we wrestle free, we wrestle dark angels of fear, winged malevolence

(it's such a pity you have so much at stake, your life to me is just a life to take, you're such a fool to think revenge is no crime when your intentions are as evil as mine), come on! And let your hatred fly, let your anger scream, for today you die, I'm pleased that you've been so amused, but what you don't know is I've got nothing to lose
first blow! Is for the blood you've shed as deep as the sea, last blow! Is for the happiness you've stolen from me, now as you fade into nothing hear the words once more, my name is San and I am Fre Merzasphor

we wrestle free from the coils of poisoned innocence, we wrestle bright agents of darkest death

blood washes easily, forgiveness is beyond me, but the hardest lesson to learn is how to forget

we wrestle free from the grip of forces unseen, we wrestle against the pull of deep currents within, we wrestle free from the black embrace of hopelessness, we wrestle dark angels of fear, winged malevolence


AD1962 December 22, Philippine Islands. Lucena provence. "…it rained on the day of our wedding and we both somehow caught a fever! We didn't have a place yet and no money for a hotel room, so we spent our wedding night in a little shack


AD2773.parallel.Saddle Ring System.NuErth.Naxos.Hall of Records.Gabryel Torena "I have clearance"

Massive first strike, distorting daylight, blurring space-time,, devastation worldwide, maps of stretch and silence, echoes of fallen gates above once solid cities, death still regenerates

"calm your fear and lift up your eyes, we're breaking free of Terafirma tonight, fearless angle to the edge of sight, we'll race the darkness till we reach the light"

generations forgotten, yet resilient life remained, on foundations original cities again reclaimed, born into revolution, season of the magaton, reason clear and empirical - hope of the future's son and from the ashes of buried past where death still resonates, rises humanity were bright freedom detonates

captain Torena your courage lives forever, your memory lives, forever

"breach time and space, restore the human race, fight the future, fight the past, just survive"!

"calm your fear and lift your eyes, you're breaking free of Terafirma tonight, it's the pinnacle fight of our lives, enduring darkness to embrace the light"


March 31, 2002.4:05am

We've traveled many distances into the soul of wilderness, to place the mystery of man inside the power of Your hand

And the sky will fall in ocean's roar, when our deepest loss overtakes us all, will you embrace us in Your light, before the day becomes the night?

Here comes the rising tide, here comes the great divide, here comes the rain again - the cloudburst, here comes the battleships, here comes apocalypse, red rockets fall like rain - and the sky bursts, bring down the height of man, bring on the future's end, send down the rain again - in cloudburst

And the stars will fall around us all, before the crush of endless night, will you consume me in Your light?
Bring down the star, oh God, bring down the sun and moon, tear wide the firmament with with cloudburst, then let Your glory fall, let every eye behold, let every tongue confess, You are God! You are God!

Myth0 Ex (Green Edit)

The W0rd Is Alive (Jer0mix)

Created by WARHAWK