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  2. Grip
  3. Sand Starr
  4. Solamente
  5. Nightfall & Splendor
  6. Pura
  7. Liquid Gift
  8. Gaza
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  10. The Nightfall


Jerome Fontamillas

"You are of noble birth, a lion cub, the blood of Jacob: we expect great things..."



Your love is lifting me up
now i'm standing firm in place
where i've always fallen before
i rise, i soar
i'll never know how your love has lifted me up

Your spirit, lifting me up
surround, sourrounding me
i will never be alone again
enfold, encircle
i cannot hide from beneath Your gaze

Your mercy, lifting me up
somthing i don't deserve
and what i've failed to return,
i'm spared, redeemed
Your mercy lifting me and

I embrace the life oh precious God
now You're living in me!

sustaining grace, lifting me up
rushing in like a flood
and i'm swept away
covered by Your sacrifice
Your blood, Your peace
Your spirit, lifting me and..

i embrace the life oh holy God
now You're moving in me!

Note from inside cover of 'Godspeed':
"I embrace the Life "! Track 2 on Mortal's 4th full-length release Pura began as three seemingly disjointed drum loops and unfinished lyrics to a praise song Jyro had been wrestling to write. Once the correct bpm, the right noise loop, and just the right amount of tenacity was found; the song pretty much wrote itself.

Sand Starr


"she was born where land ends and ocean begins"

Note from inside cover of Pura:
"Sand Starr" is dedicated to Michaela Starr Smith. You are a miracle!"


Jerome Fontamillas

"..todos mi amor para tu solamente"

Note from inside cover of 'Godspeed':
A sentimental track off Pura, celebrating the genius of possibly Jyro's favorite poet; Pablo Neruda. A subtle instrumental track with soul, programmed by our own Jerome Fontamillas. "..tonight I can write the saddest lines..." Epic!

Note from inside cover of Pura:
"Solamente is dedicated to all who are falling in love. and to you who dig on the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

Nightfall & Splendor

(vocals by Holly Steinhilber)

fallen beneath Your sky
with nowhere else to run
i've raced across my life
learning to die

trembling before You now
i turn towards the sun
i've come this far somehow
only to find

i can lift up my eyes to you
i lift them up
i can trust that my help comes soon
love quickly come!
as You cover the hills in nightfall
and a blanket of stars above
please remember my broken heart
as i lift it up Lord

when the waters of my soul
threaten to run dry
there Your power holds
turning the tide

one wilderness cannot steal the strength of sacrifice
how Your love was revealed in the fullness of time

i will lift up my eyes to You
i lift them up
i will trust that my help comes soon
love quickly come!
as You cover the world in splendor
and the mystery of Your love
i remember Your broken heart
when You lifted my life Lord



" until the day breaks and the shadows flee, i will go to the mountain of myrrh and to the hill of incense. How beautiful you are, there is no flaw in you"

Note from inside cover of Pura:
"Pura" is dedicated to CMJ.

Liquid Gift


your wounds
your eyes
your strength
your lies

i want more
want it all

reveal yourself to me!

show your face
show your veins
scratch your scales
lift your wings

spill your blood
bare your soul
this is gold

reveal yourself!
until your self is revealed

and if i never touch your scars
i'll know who you are

only if you tell me
and what if i will never know
how you're hurting so
only you can say

life is loss
death is gain
if love is truth
say your name

i want more
want it all

reveal yourself to me!
until your soul is revealed

i see your self in me!


Jerome Fontamillas

" is ther redemption beneath these alien skies? and what of the children playing upon its earth?"


Jerome Fontamillas

"..the notes rose and they fell - moving with easy grace through the evening air and across the rest od her life"

the Nightfall


Note from inside cover of Pura:
This project is dedicated to all hardcore e-z listening fans. This is not a trance-ambient-techno-industrial-dance project: that sounds way to presumptuous! It's meant to be a soundtrack of sorts, to Yeah, life! Enjoy at an e-z volume. Love and farewell!

Created by WARHAWK