Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL Mortal/FoldZan site. This site is dedicated to all things having to do with Mortal and Fold Zandura (as well as any of their various side projects). If you have any pictures or bits of information you think should be added to this site, please email me.

News / Updates:


Thanks to a charitable donation by our good friend ARC, we now have a legitimate domain name. Thats right, now www.mortalfold.com will be the permanant home of this site! Also thanks to Kraz of The Mowers Clan, for hosting this site for us for the low low price of *zero* dollars.


It's just about time for another update. Sorry for the long absence. I have been receiving a lot of Mortal / FZ related emails lately. Thank you all for saying how much you liked the site, and I'm sure Jyro and Jerome would thank you for appreciating their music. I apologize for not responding to everyone as lately time has not permitted. A general theme among most emails seems to be "where can I get Mortal / FZ CDs?" Well friends, I am going to reveal to you the big secret for satisfying all your Mortal / FZ needs, and it's called ebay. It's pretty much where I got the majority of my Mortal / FZ stuff. Do a search for "Mortal CD" or something along those lines and usually you can turn up a few used CDs. Keep checking periodically and before you know it, you will own the entire Mortal / FZ catalog... then, and only then, will your life be complete.

All joking aside, I would like to bring you to the semi-serious portion of this update. This is the part where I tell you (again) how I would like to update this page so that it is no longer located on a free webserver that is slow, rife with popups and could generally be considered "pin" (or "jenky", "ghetto", or whatever other slang you prefer to use that is synonymous with "lame"). The only catch is, moving the site would require a small amount of time, effort and of course money. It doesn' t require much to keep the site going, but it's more than I am able to spare at the moment (I'm a starving college student, remember?). So yeah, if ya got a couple bucks, and you really want to see the site moved to a non-pin webserver, then please consider donating.


Thanks to a contribution from an astute veiwer by the name of ARC, we now have completely accurate transcriptions of the King Planet album lyrics. Apparently these lyrics are the REAL deal my friends, straight from Jyro himself.

Also, I have been contemplating the idea of moving this site to an actual domain name (other than a free one) and possibly adding fancy PHPbb forums and such. I have yet to be convinced as to whether it would be worth the effort though, so if you like this site and think it needs a little upgrade, drop me a line and let me know.


We now have a few new links to reviews of Nu-En-Jin up on the links page. Thanks goes out to Xavier for sending in the links. Be sure to brush up on your German as that is the language a few of the reviews are in.


Apparently there are quite a few people that regularly visit this site now. I've decided it's time to start (attempting) to make (semi) regular updates to this site. I have just added this "News/Updates" area so that it will be easy to find out what has been recently added or changed.

I was recently contacted Joey Mac about a few pics of him that were posted in the pictures section. As much as he loved the ones that were up there, he provided some even BETTER ones for your viewing pleasure. As if there was no end to our pal Joey's coolness, he even posted a link directly to THIS site, on the front page of the www.foldzan.com.

In other news, in the discography section, we now have a very nice scan of the Wish 15 ep (something I never thought I would see). Lets all thank fellow fan Kit Bovett for this submission. Apparently Kit was willing to pay upwards of his entire life savings in order to obtain a copy of the EP and, as it turns out, he only had to pay a mere 50 dollars for it! Way to go Kit!

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